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Sack race for parents
Ticklez Play Structure
Spiral Slide
leg scooters
Toddler space
Open space
Sports Court
Toddler Space
Web climbing
Sports Court

Our vision

The inspiration, the heart and the soul for TICKLEZ is really our two girls, Olivia and Emma. Since they were born, they are happiest when they are actively playing with each other. It becomes even more fun for them, when their parents join them in the fun.

Even with all the technology around, nothing makes them laugh and giggle the loudest than when they monkey around the house with their parents. A happy and healthy family brings about a happy and healthy community. The community bonding starts within our individual homes and families. 


“Ticklez” was inspired by how much our girls love to laugh and how much joy they give us when they say “It tickles!” as we all clowned around the house with them chasing or being chased.

The thought of starting an active indoor playground for children, where children can be very active with their parents in a fun filled and clean environment within our own community ultimately gave birth to “TICKLEZ” where we all as one bigger family can create a much bigger Tickled healthy and happier community by us and for us. 

Being in the East Coast we wanted an all-season, all weather place that is safe, clean, and most of all a place for fun for the whole family and community as one. The community that we are in is an important fabric of our story. This is reflected in the theme of our playground, which is a model of a “town” with structures reflecting the community around us indoors. 

As we continued to develop the plans and ideas for the playground and the conceptualization of it, we realized that Ticklez in partnership with Mt.Olive Township and various other organizations in the community can impact us all in knowing each other and appreciating each other much better as one big happy family.

Our Mission

Ticklez mission is to help create a community where our kids have fun by using their imagination and physical strenghts to keep their mind and body healthy by running around, climbing, jumping, dancing, building, drancing, pretending etc.

Ticklez sees an environment that our kids are being sorrounded too early in life with electronics all around them as parents try to keep them occupied. This result in our kid's motor motion development being slowed and  hampered. 

Ticklez has an open space with enough space to run around, with massive play structures to climb and slide on, and a whole lot for pretend play without the use of any electronics.


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